VUMC Social Media Toolkit for Employees

Notice: VUMC is not considering branded Threads accounts. If you moderate an approved Instagram account, do NOT create a Threads account. It would be a violation of the Social Media Policy and the Trademark Licensing Agreement with VU and will put your Instagram account at risk.

In addition, the state of Twitter (X) is uncertain and our leadership has directed that we do not access Twitter accounts using the VUMC Network/VPN for security reasons. ​The social media team is not considering requests for new Twitter accounts at this time. 


Vanderbilt Health's social media policy guides use of social media by its workforce in all areas: hospitals, clinics, administrative and support functions, research and education/training. If you use social media or post comments or reviews online, read the policy to understand how it applies to your activity.

Our goal is to help you use social media effectively, avoid wasted effort and reduce legal, security, safety and reputation risk to you, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and the Vanderbilt Health system.

What this means for your personal social media activity

TL;DR version: all other policies and guidelines apply in social media, including HIPAA and our CREDO.

If you identify yourself online as an employee, make it clear you don't speak for the health system or medical center. This can be as simple as adding "views my own" or a similar disclaimer in your account bio.

Social media users can see that you're a member of our workforce from bio details, photos that include identifiable landmarks or your employee ID badge, and disclosure that you work for Vanderbilt in your post history.

Reasons to be cautious include:

  • Online posts leave your control forever. They can be saved, shared and altered without your permission or knowledge.
  • Online posts exist forever. Even that "disappear" can be screenshot or retrieved from online archive tools.
  • Online posts are discoverable in legal proceedings.
  • Your social media posts may reflect on our organization, your colleagues and your profession. It's not unusual for users to report concerns about social media activity by our employees. We follow up according to our policies.

Brand social media

The Marketing and Engagement department is charged with guiding social media strategy for the health system and academic medical center and to directly manage and oversee accounts on behalf of the Vanderbilt Health system brands.

Please follow our accounts, engage in conversations and share content with your family and friends. As members or our workforce, you are important "brand ambassadors" to help:

  • Attract new employees and trainees
  • Engage patients and referrals
  • Support fund-raising
  • Share research and discovery
  • Inform about health and medical care

See a list of our accounts here.

Do you want to participate in social media on behalf of VUMC?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Review the tools and resources on these pages.
  • Follow/like one or more of our brand social media accounts. Share information posted on these public channels with your own networks in social media. You are an important voice in our community.
  • Visit, follow and share on your own personal social accounts content from My Southern Health, VUMC's health and wellness information site, and Discoveries in Medicine, which highlights research and clinical advances. Features on employees on VUMC Voice are also ripe for sharing, as is content from our magazines, Hope, Momentum and Vanderbilt Medicine.
  • Submit news, announcements and photos of staff for consideration for our brand channels. Email: We love recognizing teams and sharing their stories during national recognition weeks and other events.
  • If you're interested in discussing how social media might help you meet your department's business objectives, request a consultation. We'll talk with you about your goals, strategy, and resources required. Accounts should not be created without approval from Marketing & Engagement. Unapproved accounts or approved accounts that don't meet minimum publishing and monitoring requirements will be removed.
  • If you'd like someone from the social media team to speak to your team or department about the social media policy, social media best practices or Vanderbilt Health's social media program, submit that request via

Accounts representing Vanderbilt Health entities must go through Vanderbilt University trademarks review.

Any accounts that use the Vanderbilt name, logo or variations of them or that purport to speak on behalf of a Vanderbilt Health/VUMC clinic, department or other entity must be approved by Marketing and Engagement prior to creation. In addition to supporting you with our team's expertise, this is a requirement of the Trademark Licensing Agreement with Vanderbilt University.