Phone List


Last First Title Email Phone Number

Office of Risk and Insurance Management

3322 West End Avenue, Suite 11000

Nashville, TN 37203




Baber Christyl Sr. Workers' Compensation Claim Adjuster Christyl Baber 615-936-0664
Bailey Karla Workers' Compensation Medical Only Claim Adjuster Karla Bailey 615-936-0662
Bledsoe Sandy Vice President, Risk Management Sandy Bledsoe 615-936-0660
    Senior Program Manager   615-936-0655
Crawford Deanna Administrative Services Manager DeAnna Crawford 615-936-1429
Hamilton Julia Protection of Minors/Conflict of Interest Julia Hamilton 615-875-7593
Johnson Pamela Associate Program Manager Pamela Johnson 615-936-0657
Karounos Betsy Associate Program Manager Betsy Karounos 615-936-5921
Kuberski Sherri Administrative Assistant Sherri Kuberski 615-936-7192
Louie Mary Jo Senior Accountant Mary Jo Louie 615-936-2329
Moat Diane Director - Clinical Risk Management Diane Moat 615-936-0658
Morris Margaret Asst to Clinical Risk Managers Margaret Morris 615-936-5918
O'Bryant Kevin Associate Database Administrator Kevin O'Bryant 615-936-5922
Overton Teresa Workers Compensation Manager Teresa Overton 615-936-9290
Salmon Cherry Clinical Risk Manager Cherry Salmon 615-936-7183
Schenk Christie Assistant Director - Clinical Risk Mgmt Christie Schenk 615-936-5909
Ussery Anne Director - Risk Operations Anne Ussery 615-875-8069
Wilson-Linville Stephanie Clinical Risk Manager Stephanie Wilson-Linville 615-936-5341