If you interact with minors in VUMC programs and operations, you will need to complete Protection of Minors training annually. 
To do this, log in to the Learning Exchange and, in the blue search box, type "POM Training for Employees Working in Programs 
with Minors." Select the course and complete. 

Click here to check your compliance status.


PLEASE NOTE: For those without Learning Exchange log-in capacity and for third party groups, access is available by contacting the Director of the Protection of Minors program at (615) 875-7593 or email. Instructions will be provided after confirmation that affected personnel do not/will not have access to the Learning Exchange training.  

Other alternate training (including classroom training in the POM 101 module) may be approved by the Protection of Minors Director. Please email requests for approval. Any training in addition to the online module is at the discretion of the program coordinator and does not require prior approval by the Protection of Minors Director.