We have launched a series of quarterly open forums for individuals to discuss ongoing and future education research projects. These education research works in progress sessions are designed to enable investigators from across the institution to exchange ideas, receive feedback on their research activities, and be a forum for discussion about best practices. The sessions are open to all. The next session will be held in Fall of 2018. 

Past topics & discussion leaders have included:

  • Edward Vasilevskis MD & Monisha Bhatia - "Predicting Post-Acute Care Disposition at Discharge"

  • L. Tyson Heller, MD - "Development and Evaluation of a Bedside Procedural Service"

  • Lori Deitte, MD - "Spaced Education with Quiz Time"
  • Leslie Fowler, M.Ed. - "QuizTime: A Smartphone Application to Improve Knowledge Acquisition and Patient Centered Care Delivery"
  • WIlliam Cutrer, MD, M.Ed. - "Understanding the Master Adaptive Learner"

Let us know if you'd like to be emailed about future sessions! Send an email to: jesse.ehrenfeld@vanderbilt.edu