Submission Requirements

Please review all sections listed to understand what information you will need to complete the request for contact hours. The request consists of the following sections:

  • Basic Information
  • Planners and Faculty
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Commercial Support
  • Signature

Make sure you select Save and Continue at the end of each page to save your information.

Basic Information

The basic information required consists of the following:

  • Title of activity
  • Type of education credit 
  • Activity type
  • Target audience
  • Activity description
  • How activity will be advertised
  • Location, date, time of activity

Planners and Faculty

Please provide members of the planning committee. If a planning committee has yet to be established please make sure you indicate who should be contacted for additional information regarding the submission.

Since the request takes place at the beginning of the planning process faculty do not need to be identified.

Gaps and Needs

The gaps and needs section requires the following information:

  • Describe the current state: what practices are currently being used to address the need?
  • Describe the desired state: what should be done to address the need, what would be the ideal outcome?
  • What is the practice gap the activity will address: What is the difference between standard of care and current practice?  (Include evidence-based resources to support the practice gap)
  • What educational need will be addressed: knowledge, skills, practice
  • Nursing educational needs determined to be the cause of the professional practice gap
  • How the educational needs were determined
  • Brief summary of the the data gathered which validates the need for the activity (Include the needs assessment)

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

While the section is entitled Objectives and Learning Outcomes, the focus for contact hour credit is learning outcomes. Please identify a measurable learning outcome based on the educational need identified.

In addition you will need to answer the following questions:

  • Describe how the activity will address the professional practice gap
  • Identify how you will determine if participants have improved the identified educational need
  • What was the activity designed to change in terms of skills/strategy or performance
  • How does the activity match the healthcare team's current scope of professional activities
  • Identify competencies
  • Indicate the learning strategies that will be employed
  • Why is the educational format appropriate
  • What areas will be impacted by the educational activity

Commercial Support

You will be asked how the event is funded. Please indicate if you have received or will be seeking commercial support, sponsors or exhibitors as we will need to have additional forms completed prior to the event.


Please read the information on the Signatures page as it addresses the following:

  • Statement of diversity and inclusive teaching
  • Policy for grand rounds speaker invitee
  • Resources
  • Attestation

When you are done select Save Application. Return to the application portal and review your request. When you are ready to submit your request, select Submit For Review.