Roles and Responsibilities

Application Submitter

The Application Submitter is responsible for:

  • Reviewing the Nursing Continuing Professional Development webpage for the request for contact hour process instructions
  • Completing all the required fields of the request form
  • Uploading a needs assessment within the request form
  • Submitting the request form for review
  • Being available to discuss the submission

Nurse Planner

The Nurse Planner is responsible for:

  • Attending planning meetings for the educational event
  • Serving as an educational consultant 
  • Confirming verbiage for advertising and handouts prior to distribution
  • Monitoring document completion
  • Reviewing completed documents and resolving any conflicts of interest (if applicable)
  • Conducting a post-event debrief meeting to include an evaluation summary

Provider Unit

Nursing Education and Professional Development is responsible for:

  • Determining if the request is appropriate for nursing credit/contact hour consideration
  • Providing a Nurse Planner for each accepted nursing credit/contact hour event
  • Reviewing the identified practice gap to ensure it matches the educational need
  • Ensuring learning engagement strategies meet desired learning outcomes
  • Reviewing evidence-based references
  • Determining nursing credit/contact hours to be awarded
  • Resolution of conflicts of interest
  • Management of commercial support (if applicable)
  • Management of joint accreditation (if applicable)
  • Record keeping

Accredited Provider Program Director

The Accredited Provider Program Director is responsible for:

  • Reviewing request for contact hours
  • Conducting meeting with applicants (if needed)
  • Determining if requests meet criteria for nursing credit/contact hour consideration
  • Communicating request decision to applicant
  • Resolving conflicts of interest
  • Reviewing Nurse Planner events for compliance
  • Oversight and operation of the Provider Unit

Designated Event Contact

The Designated Event Contact is responsible for:

  • Being the consistent point person for the entirety of the program who has knowledge of the educational event
  • Ensuring the Nurse Planner is invited to all planning sessions
  • Providing any event advertising to the Nurse Planner for review prior to release
  • Coordinating completion of Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationship forms for all people who have the ability to control content
  • Collecting the planning table from the Speaker(s)
  • Creating a nursing credit/contact hour specific agenda (Required if event is greater than 3 hours in length)
  • Notifying the Nurse Planner of any changes in Planning Committee Members
  • Reserving the event location
  • Notifying the Nurse Planner of the educational event location
  • Providing catering (if applicable)
  • Staffing the educational event
  • Ensuring Participants are aware of the attendance/credit/evaluation process
  • Providing a copy of the Disclosure/Texting brochure to Participants prior to the event start time
  • Dissemination of Evaluation Results with Speakers, Planners, Content Experts and Content Reviewers

Program Manager

The Program Manager is responsible for:

  • Assisting the Accredited Provider Program Director
  • Obtaining required documentation from the Designated Event Contact 
  • Providing documents to Accredited Provider Program Director/Nurse Planner for review
  • Providing approved documents to Designated Event Contact


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