Request for Contact Hours

When Should I Request Contact Hours?

The request for contact hours needs to be submitted 45 days prior to the proposed event date or at the start of the planning process, whichever is earlier.

  • A Nurse Planner from the Provider Unit is required to be involved from the very beginning of the planning stages of your program in order to consider awarding credit.
  • In addition, certain documents must be completed and reviewed prior to the event in order to fulfill the requirements necessary to award credit.

What if you are not sure if your event is eligible for credit? 

  • Email and we will set up time to discuss your request and determine eligibility. 

You will need a Cloud profile in order to gain access to submit a request. If you do not have a Cloud profile please use this link to create one

What If I Am Not Sure of My Event Dates?

You may not know the exact date of your event when you submit your request which is perfectly fine. In the event you do not know the date, please select the first day of the month you think the event will occur in your best judgment.


  • In your best judgment your upcoming event will occur in October.
  • Please select October 1 as your program date.

What Happens When You Submit a Request for Contact Hours?

  1. You will receive a request submission confirmation email sent by Vanderbilt University Medical Center Office of Continuing Medical Education,
  2. The request will be reviewed for eligibility by the Accredited Provider Program Director. Keep in mind it may take up to 5 business days to review your request form.
  3. The Accredited Provider Program Director may contact you in the event clarification is needed regarding specific details of your event. The email from the Accredited Provider Program Director will come from
  4. After review of the request for contact hours consideration, you will receive a decision email from the Accredited Provider Program Director via This email will include the name of the Nurse Planner and Program Manager who will work with you and the planning committee to provide nursing credit for your event. 
  5. Your assigned Nurse Planner will reach out to you to start the planning process. The Nurse Planner will serve as your education consultant to ensure processes and documents are consistent with the requirements set forth by the Provider Unit's accrediting body, ANCC. The Program Manager will work with you to gather all information/documentation needed for your event.
  6. If the required information/documentation is received by the due date set forth by the Program Manager (at least two weeks prior to the event), is reviewed and resolved (if needed) credit can be awarded.
  7. After the event a debrief meeting will be set up by the Nurse Planner in conjunction with the Dedicated Event Contact to review the evaluations, participant recommendations, and faculty/planning committee feedback to determine if any changes need to be implemented prior to the next event.