Program Documents

Planning Table

The Planning Table is provided to the Designated Event Contact who helps coordinate it's completion with the input of the event faculty. It identifies the following:

  • Name and date of educational activity
  • Content to be covered
  • Time required to cover content
  • Presenter/author name and credentials
  • Learning engagement strategies
  • Evidence-based references
  • Number of contact hours to be awarded
  • Nurse Planner name and credentials

Disclosure of Relevant Financial Relationships (On-line)

A Disclosure of Relevent Financial Relationships is required of all people involved in the educational activity who have the ability to control content. This document requests the following:

  • Financial relationships of self/spouse/partner within the last 24 months
  • Reference unlabeled/unapproved use of drugs/products in any presentation
  • Attestation of continuing education value statements
  • Adherence to high standards of professionalism
  • Policy for presentations

Disclosure/Texting Brochure

This document identifies relevant financial relationships or lack of conflicts of interest for all people involved in controlling content of the educational activity. It also provides the successful completion criteria needed to obtain contact hours. This brochure should be provided to participants at the start of the event. 

The above information is also included in the on-line event information so participants can view the information prior to the event.

The brochure also includes the Provider Unit accreditation statement, the number of contact hours awarded and the texting code instructions to track attendance, obtain credit, complete the evaluation, and print the certificate. There are links/QR codes provided if help is needed regarding account set up, phone pairing, claiming credit and how to access the evaluation.


The Designated Event Contact needs to submit all advertising to the Nurse Planner prior to release to ensure compliance with our accrediting body's requirements. This includes:

  • Email communication/meeting invitation
  • Save the date announcement
  • VUMC department/program web page
  • Brochure
  • Nurse Alert

Agenda (If greater than 4 hours)

The Agenda Form provides detailed information for participants and contains the fields required of our accrediting body. It includes the following:

  • event title
  • start/end time
  • location 
  • desired learning outcome
  • content time
  • topic(s) covered
  • presenter(s) name and credentials
  • event contact

Evaluation (On-line)

The on-line evaluation assesses:

  • Level of knowledge/skills/performance before and after event
  • Commercial bias
  • If disclosures were provided
  • If content is likely to influence practice
  • The speakers presentation and learning engagement strategies
  • The content relevance to program outcome
  • Bias
  • Conflict of interest
  • Commitmment to practice change

Joint Provider Agreement (If Applicable)

The document is used when an the VUMC Provider Unit jointly provides the educational activity with another organization.

Exhibitor (If Applicable)

This document identies the guidelines as well as the entity that has been choosen to be an exhibitor at a Nursing Professional Development activity that receives nursing credit/contact hours.

Commercial Support Agreement (If Applicable)

This document identifies any entity that has chosen to give commercial support to a Nursing Professional Development activity that receives nursing credit/contact hours.