Susan H.

Where do you work and how long have you worked there?
11N Hematology/Oncology

Why did you choose to be a Nurse Wellness Commodore?
I want my coworker's lives to have fulfillment. As nurses, we often neglect ourselves physically, mentally and/or spiritually with our long, fast-paced and often emotional shifts. By caring for ourselves and one another, we're giving ourselves the best chance at fulfillment.

Name one thing you have done to inspire nurse wellness on your unit.
We had a friendly floor-wide steps competition back before Spire was around. My coworker's would send me texts and photos of them going the extra mile (literally one picked up running and she's pretty darn good at it) to battle one another. It was a good time.

What inspires you?
Knowing every single day is an opportunity to try to be a better me and as long as I'm doing my best at any given moment, that's enough. It's about being in the here and now.

What is your favorite 90’s jam?
Just one? Seriously? That was my high school and college days so music was very influential then. It was a great musical decade.

Favorite movie?
So so many. "Freeway" still makes me laugh every single time.

What favorite foods put you in a good mood?
Sonic Oreo Blast

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

What was the best vacation you ever had?
Camping the Outer Banks, top to bottom

What is one thing you would put on your bucket list?
Cage diving with a Great White shark.

What do you have planned to help put some fun into the Epic transition?
I'm a super user, so I'll be doing my best to help my coworkers adjust. I'm trying to think of some little treats/rewards/encouragement for their progress.