Jessica S.

Where do you work and how long have you worked there?
I’ve worked in Neurosciences at Vanderbilt since 2007. 
Why did you choose to be a Nurse Wellness Commodore?
It seemed like a nice way to bring events like CORE Nutrition and Workplace Yoga directly to our clinics.  
Name one thing you have done to inspire nurse wellness on your unit.
I’ve set up monthly CORE Nutrition events in our clinics with Health Plus. 
What inspires you?
I’m inspired by people with endless amounts of energy! (I am not one of them.)
What is your favorite 90’s jam?
Anything by Alice in Chains or Green Day
Favorite movie?
"Pulp Fiction"
What favorite foods put you in a good mood?
What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Anything to do with the beach!
What was the best vacation you ever had?
A week on the beach in Hawaii.
What is one thing you would put on your bucket list?
I’d like to visit Easter Island.

What do you have planned to help put some fun into the Epic transition?
A nice vacation before we switch to EPIC!