Combatting Unhealthy Habits

Smoking Smoking Free
- Tool: VUMC Smoking Cessation Institute
How Much is Too Much?
Excessive Pain Management
- Overeating
- Drinking
- Shopping
- Too much tech/cyber addiction
- Over-medicating (need word)
Mindful Living
- Mindful Eating (Melinda as expert)
- Rethinking Drinking/Know Your Numbers Margie*
- human connection (link back to socialness)
Sedintary Lifestyle Move More (Know Your Numbers)
  Know Your Numbers
Out of Control Finances Smart Spending
Building a Budget
Financial Empowerment (organization)
Stress Resilience*
Worrying Positive Thinking*
Gambling Not Gambling
Love Addiction
- Abusive Relationships
  (link to Workplace Violence as 4th Category)
Love and Self-Care*
- Loving Yourself

What's your body language saying about you
- Getting out in the world
- Spiritualness

Recognizing your own body language
Negativity and Hostility
- critical thinking
- creating hosi
- unhappy  in current job and infect/affective others
Learned Helpness
- Feeling Trapped
Taking charge of your life
Not knowing how to get involved Let them know you want to get involved