About VUMC Military-Civilian Partnership Programs







About VUMC Military-Civilian Partnership Programs

VUMC Military-Civilian Partnership Programs are skill sustainment and training programs for US military medical personnel. VUMC currently collaborates with US Army Medicine for skill sustainment and training programs that range in specialties and program duration.

Vanderbilt’s relationship with military medicine goes back to WWI when medical personnel from Vanderbilt served at Vanderbilt Hospital Unit “S” based in Nevers, France. These relationships continued through WWII with the “Fighting 300th” General Hospital unit, and post WWII with training of military physicians through the School of Medicine and GME training programs. The newest Military-Civilian partnerships were finalized in 2020 establishing VUMC as an official Army Medicine Military-Civilian Trauma Team Training (AMCT3) and Strategic Medical Asset Readiness Training (SMART) site.  These partnerships and programs continue to grow today.

The Military Affairs Committee (VMAC) represents the military-civilian collaborative programs at VUMC, providing oversight and review of current and new programs.

Current Military-Civilian Programs

  SMART is the US Army Strategic Medical Asset Readiness Training program that partners with civilian trauma hospitals such as VUMC to ensure Army medical personnel in the medical enlisted jobs such as OR tech, Combat Medic (EMT-B), LPN, Respiratory Therapist, and X-Ray technician, maintain their medical skills during peace time or no-deployed time. SMART rotations are short 2 week rotations through various departments and units.

  AMCT3 is the Army Military Civilian Trauma Team Training program. Army physicians, CRNAs, RNs, and Paramedics are embedded at VUMC and maintain their skills by working at VUMC in a full-time capacity as staff. The experience and skills from working at a high acuity level one trauma center help maintain their readiness to deploy as needed to care for our Nation’s military personnel.

  Other Military-Civilian Programs include the Medical Proficiency Training (MPT). As well as Army surgical specialty skill sustainment time share with Fort Campbell’s Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH) where Army physicians split time between VUMC and BACH to sustain their specialty skills while still providing care to Army personnel and families.