Jeremy D. Staub

Research Assistant III
Hematology/Oncology Division
Preston Research Building
2220 Pierce Avenue
Room / Suite


Gene expression and genetic alterations of SSTR2, a G-protein coupled receptor, in small cell lung cancer

  • Cell culture maintenance, transfection, selection, and population assays
  • CRISPR lentiviral transfection
  • Cellular phenotyping
  • PDX management
  • Animal husbandry


Pro-apoptotic targeting in small cell lung cancer

  • Cell culture and proliferation
  • Cell viability assays
  • Animal husbandry
  • Drug treatment and chemotherapy administration
  • Synergy experiments


Tumor heterogeneity and chemotherapy treatment resistance in small cell lung cancer

  • PDX husbandry and passaging
  • Mouse necroscopy
  • Antibody staining and labeling for mass spectrometry and flow cytometry