Janelle Wenstrup

Research Coordinator
Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical Care Medicine
Preston Research Building
2220 Pierce Ave.
(615) 343-0688


  • Screen, enrolls and recruits research participants.
  • Reviews study participant medical history for inclusion/exclusion criteria.
  • Assist with informed consent process and explains study to participants in easily understandable plain terms.
  • Coordinates conducting subject’s study visits per protocol.
  • Completes all study related approved procedures, questionnaires and follow- up visits.
  • Assures research information is collected and stored in a manner that is complaint with regulations/ policies and good clinical practice.
  • Recognizes adverse events, protocol deviations and other unanticipated problems and reports appropriately
  • Thoracic Ensure the quality of case report forms, maintain source documents.