Welcome to the Fuhrmann Lab

The goal of our research is to understand the cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating differentiation, morphogenesis, and regeneration of ocular tissues.

Questions addressed in the lab include:

  1. How is eye development initiated in the anterior neuroepithelium and what factors determine the early steps of eye formation?
  2. How is differentiation and morphogenesis of ocular tissues controlled?
  3. What are the signals involved in these processes, what are their downstream targets, and is there crosstalk between different pathways?
  4. How is regeneration of ocular tissues achieved?

We use conditional inactivation in mice, in combination with a variety of tissue culture, biochemical, molecular, and cell biological approaches. We are investigating the function of extracellular signaling pathways (e.g. Wnt) and intracellular effectors (e.g. Cdc42) in ocular morphogenesis and differentiation. Development and adult regeneration of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) is another major focus of the lab.


We are currently looking for outstanding graduate students and postdocs! If interested, please contact sabine.fuhrmann@vanderbilt.edu