Success Stories

Towards the Elimination of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

“Community follow-up is essential. It is indispensable. FGH support of community personnel who make this immediate and permanent connection with patients is something I consider fundamental for the achievement of these results.” – Dr. Tilvério Gasolina

Clinical Advisor’s Commitment Leads to a More Than Threefold Increase in Patients Completing Tuberculosis Preventive Therapy (TPT)

“It’s valuable work; if Clinical Advisors ceased to exist, data would fall.” Timóteo Makenda Quelimane District HIV and STI Focal Point   In the first quarter of COP19, VUMC/FGH faced a 33% budget reduction, compared to the COP18 budget. As a result, the VUMC/FGH team was restructured, including a reduction in the provincial and district TB teams. As a consequence, during COP19, the VUMC/FGH TB program had only one TB/HIV Provincial Manager and two Regional TB/HIV Coordinators.

FGH Rapidly Expands 3-month ART Dispensation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

By the end of June 2020, 185,849 patients on combination antiretroviral therapy (ART) were receiving their medication refills on a quarterly basis, commonly referred to as three-month drug dispensation (3MDD). This number represents an impressive 76% of all patients currently receiving ART. This is more than a three-fold increase from the previous reporting period (54,282 patients at the end of COP19 Q2) - the largest proportional increase FGH supported health facilities have ever registered during any reporting period.