FGH presented at IAS and Jornadas Nacionais 2021

IAS 2021

VUMC/FGH presented at the International AIDS Society (IAS) 2021 conference held July 18-21, 2021.

The team participated by presenting an e-poster of evaluation findings for a key HIV prevention and care/treatment program evaluation project entitled, “The effect of a mentor mothers program on maternal and infant PMTCT outcomes in Zambézia province, Mozambique” (PE01-D106).  The e-poster was presented by James (Jimmy) Carlucci, MD, MPH (Indiana University) as part of the session entitled Prevention of vertical transmission.

The presented session (including the abstract, pdf of e-poster, and webcast recording) can be found here.

The digital content from the entire IAS 2021 conference is free and on-demand here, with video and e-poster sessions available in several channels that can be searched by track category or keyword(s).

Jornadas Nacionais 2021

VUMC/FGH participated in and presented at the XVII Jornadas Nacionais de Saúde (National Health Conference) held September 8-10, 2021.

The conference has been organized by Mozambique’s Instituto Nacional de Saúde (INS, in English, the National Institute of Health) since 1976, and takes place every three years. Serving as Mozambique’s largest and foremost scientific event in the health field, the INS describes it as, “… a nation-wide event, during which the results of scientific research in the field of health and related areas are presented and discussed, with the purpose of informing and influencing decision-making and the formulation of public health policies.” The theme for the XVII conference was "Promoting health security and sustainable development through transdisciplinary scientific research."

In total, there were 11 scientific works and 2 symposium sessions that FGH and collaborators from the Provincial Health Department of Zambézia (DPS-Z) presented at the XVII National Health Conference.

The scientific program of the entire conference (and searchable by session type) is available here.

Participation highlights:

  1. FGH was the proud recipient of the conference award for “Best Oral Presentation” for the oral presentation given by Dr. José Tique (FGH Technical Director) sharing HIV program evaluation results on the “Positive Effects of Intensified Preventive Calls/Home Visits on Early Retention in Zambézia Province.”
  2. Dr. Caroline De Schacht (FGH Director of Evaluations) served as Vice-President of the Scientific Committee for the XVII Jornadas Nacionais de Saúde conference, including moderation of one plenary session and assisting in the writing of the conference summary report.

Symposium sessions:

1. At the symposium themed, Building Health Information Systems Integrated with a Multidisciplinary Landscape, the session entitled "Harmonization and Centralization of Electronic Patient Monitoring System - OpenMRS: The future of management of patients on ART" was presented by Eurico José (FGH Health Information Systems [HIS] Director)

2. At the symposium themed, Intersection of HIV and COVID-19 Epidemics: Social and health system, and laboratory issues in co-infected patients, the session entitled “The effects of COVID-19 on PLHIV mental health and access to health services” was presented by Dr. Celso Belo (FGH Evaluations Manager)

Oral Presentations:

  1. Effect of Mentor Mothers Program on Maternal and Infant PMTCT Outcomes in Zambézia
    a. Presented by: Cristina Cugara, DPS-Z MCH/PMTCT Focal Point
  2. Involvement of the Private Sector in HIV Care: Acceptability of HIV Self-Test in Pharmacies
    Presented by: Carlota Lucas Fonseca, FGH Senior Evaluations Officer
  3. Impact of community adherence support groups on retention and viral suppression in Zambézia
    a. Presented by: Dr. Cheinaze Veríssimo, DPS-Z Provincial HIV Supervisor
  4. Tuberculosis and HIV Testing in People with Presumptive Tuberculosis: Results of a Pilot in Zambézia
    Presented by: Paula Paulo, FGH Provincial Evaluations Coordinator
  5. Use of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Among HIV Serodiscordant Couples: A Qualitative Study in Zambézia
    a. Presented by: Almiro Maurício Emílio, FGH HoPS+ Study Officer

Poster presentations:

  1. Association of Time Spent at Health Facility with Retention: A Satisfaction Survey in Zambézia
    a. Presented by Caroline De Schacht, FGH Director of Evaluations
  2. Barriers and Facilitators for the Use of Men-Friendly Services in Quelimane City
    a. Presented by Carlota Lucas Fonseca, FGH Senior Evaluations Officer
  3. Monitoring Process Measures in Retention: Assessing Quality Improvement in Zambézia
    a. Presented by Sara Van Rompaey, FGH HIS Clinical Advisor
  4. Perceptions on Access to Health Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Zambézia Province
    a. Presented by Paula Paulo, FGH Provincial Evaluations Coordinator
  5. Patient Satisfaction and Retention of HIV Care in Zambézia Province, Mozambique
    Presented by Caroline De Schacht, FGH Director of Evaluations