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Medical Economic Outcomes Committee (MEOC)

Mission and Vision:   A clinician-driven process that utilizes evidence-based, clinically sound, financial methodologies for evaluation of new product introduction, or review clinical variation at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with the intent to provide the highest quality care in the most cost-effective manner​.


Request:   New product request will be completed via Lumere.  The request will be routed to the Department Chair, and Director having budgetary responsibility thereby designating approval to proceed with evaluating the request (Capital funding must be confirmed before proceeding). ​

Financial Analysis and Approval:  All request must have a financial review prior to proceeding to the meeting. This review could include financial modeling with Department Chair and CEO approval. ​

Committee Presentation: The requesting physician will prepare a short presentation with supporting clinical evidence. A request must be submitted at least two months prior to the next committee meeting. Approval will be communicated with further instructions.​

Committee Composition: Physicians, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Administrative Director, Financials Liaison, and Clinicians. ​

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