Credo Tackle Box

Vanderbilt Medical Center Credo

tackle boxWe provide excellence in healthcare, research and education.
We treat others as we wish to be treated.
We continuously evaluate and improve our performance.


Welcome to the VUMC Credo Tackle Box!

You may wonder: what does the Credo have to do with a tackle box? Isn't that for fishing? There's nothing fishy about this tackle box. These ideas will help leaders and their teams "catch" the spirit of our VUMC Credo in some fun and engaging ways and tackle a shared understanding and use of our core values in everyday work. This is a collection of activities, discussion starters and agendas to use with your team. It is an expansion of the early VUMC Credo Tool Kits.

The Credo, as part of our Medical Center culture, is best taught by observation, by raising awareness through discussion, by example and with honest feedback. As you review the Tackle Box contents, think about how you will use it with your team. How do you see the Credo guiding people and their work?

When you use one of the activities or create an activity yourself, please use the Feedback Form to share your feedback and suggestions.

This Tackle Box and your own experiences will help you and your team re-focus and re-energize around the basics of the Credo and the spirit of It's Who We Are.

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