A 65-kDa protein has been detected in mouse hepatitis virus A59 (MHV-A59)-infected DBT cells using polyclonal antibodies directed against polypeptides encoded by the 5' 1.8 kb of gene 1. The presence of this 65-kDa protein (p65) was previously predicted from immunoprecipitation studies of gene 1 expression in MHV-A59-infected DBT cells with other antisera (1). p65 was rapidly labeled in virus-infected cells at late times of infection; however, its cleavage from the polyprotein was significantly delayed compared to the amino-terminal gene 1 polyprotein cleavage product, p28. Similar to p28, p65 was cleaved from the growing polyprotein without detectable intermediate precursors. Kinetic analysis of p65 with specific antibodies indicates that p65 is immediately adjacent to p28 in the gene 1 polyprotein. The proteolytic activity responsible for the carboxy-terminal cleavage of p65, as well as the function of the p65 protein, remains to be determined.