Cinque Soto, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Vaccine Center


Cinque received his PhD in molecular biophysics from Columbia University's School of Medicine. After receiving his PhD, Cinque went on to carry out postdoctoral studies at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine where he developed computational methods for in silico modeling and design of helical transmembrane proteins. Following his postdoctoral studies, Cinque moved into the software industry where he worked on force field development and small-molecule docking protocols at SCHRODINGER.  In 2013, Cinque left the software industry to become co-head of the structural bioinformatics core section (SBIS) at NIAID’s Vaccine Research Center (VRC). At the VRC, Cinque focused on analyzing antibody repertoires from next-generation sequencing (NGS). Cinque continues working on the analysis of antibody repertories from NGS here at the Vanderbilt Vaccine Center.