Your Appointment at Vanderbilt Health

At Vanderbilt Health, your safety comes first. We share your concerns about COVID-19, so for visits that should not be delayed, we encourage you to use telehealth when appropriate and possible.

Telehealth visits are done using video. It’s easy and works with your existing smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can find out more about telehealth here.

"I was nervous about using telehealth. It turned out to be one of the best health care appointments I've ever had." Read Jill Clendening's story.

Some visits are not appropriate for telehealth. Your healthcare provider will decide if a telehealth visit will work for you. In some cases, your provider may ask that your visit be scheduled for a later date.

If you have already scheduled a visit

Someone from your clinic will get in touch with you soon about your visit. If you have questions in the meantime, contact your provider’s office by phone or through My Health at Vanderbilt.

If you want to schedule a new visit

Request your visit with your healthcare provider as you normally would, by phone or through My Health at Vanderbilt. Your provider will then decide if your visit can be done using telehealth. For information about clinics and services, visit

How we are keeping your telehealth visit private and secure

You can rest assured that your telehealth visit is private and secure.

Vanderbilt Health uses a technology called Zoom to provide live video telehealth visits with/for patients. Zoom has been the subject of news coverage in recent days about security threats involving its platform, including a tactic called “Zoom bombing.”

Vanderbilt Health has licensed and implemented Zoom in such a way that there is no opportunity for such attacks to occur. Zoom is embedded inside My Health at Vanderbilt, a secure online tool that Vanderbilt Health patients use to manage their health care.

Visits are fully compliant with the requirements of HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Safeguards include:

  • Calls are encrypted, start to finish.
  • Visits include – and have always included – a secure connection for each appointment.
  • Video or audio is never recorded – appointments are as confidential as being in person.
  • Patient data is not shared from the electronic health record during the telehealth visit on Zoom.

How-To Instructions and Video

Telehealth instructions for patients (PDF)