Who's Zooming Who? Best Practices For Zoom and Other Video Meetings

Now that physical distancing is part of our standard business practice, we find ourselves on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video meetings instead of gathering in conference rooms and auditoriums.

For many of us, being on camera can be intimidating and seem very foreign. Here are some tips to present your most professional self.

Happy Zooming!

How to Look and Sound Your Best

  • Place yourself in a well-lit room, ideally with the light source facing you. Avoid lamps or bright windows behind you.
  • Place your web camera directly in front of you at eye level or slightly above eye level. 
  • Make sure your web camera/computer is on a solid surface and won’t move during the recording.
  • Avoid wearing clothing with tight patterns (e.g. stripes, checks), which can look distorted on camera.
  • Double-check your background for things that may be distracting (pets, TVs, lawnmowers and other outside noises).
  • Plan to record in a quiet room. Larger rooms generally have better acoustics than smaller rooms.
  • Eliminate any sources of extra noise, interruptions or distractions – silence cellphones, stay away from beeping electronics, avoid wearing jewelry that may clang, and the like. If you are working from home with children or others nearby, help prevent interruptions with a sign on the door to alert others that a meeting is in progress.

Tips for a Successful Meeting or Recording

  • Look directly into to the web camera and not at your image on the screen.
  • Enable your computer audio instead of dialing in separately on a phone.
  • Avoid interrupting or talking over others.
  • Stay focused on the conversation while others are talking. This panel will be recorded “Brady Bunch” style and you will be on camera the entire time.