VUMC to Stop N95 Mask Reprocessing

Thanks to the efforts of all VUMC personnel, to conserve and reuse N95 masks, VUMC's Supply Chain has been able to build up enough supply to cease the N95 sterilization reprocessing program.

The change will go into effect on Monday, Oct. 12, and means clinical staff who are required to wear an N95 mask for clinical duties will not need to go through the daily process of turning in their mask for reprocessing, but will instead secure and use a new mask per VUMC masking guidelines.

"Thank you to all of our staff for their diligence in conserving PPE. We need to continue that diligence in our day-to-day activities, but this should make things a little easier for clinical staff on a daily basis," said Teresa Dail, Chief Supply Chain Officer. "While we do not anticipate having to restart the reprocessing program, circumstances in the future may require us to revisit this initiative."