Reminder about COVID-19 Staff Screening Locations

Effective May 7, locations for VUMC staff screening for COVID-19 have been updated and continue to be restricted to the facility entrances listed below.  

Staff continue to be required each shift to report through these entrances to be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and have their temperature screened. Staff will also be screened for whether they are wearing a mask.  

Screening will continue indefinitely for the safety of VUMC staff, patients and visitors. 

Location Description
ABP Au Bon Pain
Light Hall Light Hall
MCE Medical Center East
MCJCHV Children's by Wadlington
MCN Medical Center North
PRB1 VICC Main Entrance
TVC1 The Vanderbilt Clinic Main Entrance
TVC2 The Vanderbilt Clinic 2nd Floor
VCH Loading Children's Loading
VUH Loading Adult Loading
VUH Lobby Hospital Main Entrance
West G West Garage
VCH 2nd Floor Children's Hospital Entrance
VCH ED Children's ED
VWCH ED ED Entrance
VWCH NT North tower Ground Floor