Safety Reminder: Wear Your ID Badge at All Times

VUMC ID badges are required to be visibly worn above the waist by all employees while on campus.  

Since initiation of COVID-19 screening stations, many employees are observed each day who are either not wearing, or do not have on hand, their ID badge when entering the facility.

Identification badges let patients, visitors and coworkers know you are a VUMC employee and also your name, title and role. The ID badge requirement also requires VU employees to wear their VU-issued badge when working in VUMC’s buildings.

It is important to note that there is no increased risked of transmission of COVID-19 by wearing an ID badge, but it is always a good idea to clean your badge, especially if you have just been in contact with COVID-positive individuals.

Screening station staff have been instructed to enforce the ID badge requirement including not allowing entrance to employees who do not have their badge.

Refer to the ID badge policy.