Mandatory COVID-19 Screening for Employees to Begin Wednesday

To protect patients and co-workers, beginning Wednesday evening March 25, all Vanderbilt University Medical Center employees will need to undergo temperature screening each day for signs of possible COVID-19 infection before being allowed to report to work.  

Those who will need to be screened include all staff, faculty and residents entering Medical Center facilities that include clinical care areas regardless of clinical contact.

Exemptions include employees working in administrative facilities such as Crystal Terrace, 3401 and 2525 West End Avenue. Clinics in these facilities will develop their own employee screening methods.

The screening process includes quickly having your temperature taken. If your temperature is below 100 degrees, you will receive a sticker signifying you are clear for the day.

Staff who screen positive—having a temperature of 100 or greater—will be sent home or may be referred to one of the Vanderbilt Health designated COVID-19 assessment sites for additional screening. They are also responsible for reporting their status to their managers or leaders. Faculty and residents should report positive screening to their clinical leader.  

Screening sites on the downtown Nashville campus include garage entrances—South, West, 25th Avenue and Central—along with other locations such as the central Plaza entrance to Vanderbilt University Adult Hospital and the main entrance to Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital.    

Offsite clinics will use designated staff entrances that are separate from patient care areas and will be site specific.

Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital will have designated screening entrances at its North Tower on the main campus. McFarland front door and loading dock for vendors.

Vanderbilt Home Health employees will self-screen and report results to managers.

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