Information from Occupational Health about Self Monitoring

When Occupational Health determines that a Vanderbilt University Medical Center employee has been exposed to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, it will send an email to the employee.

It is important that employees check their email regularly for messages from VUMC Occupational Health, and follow any and all instructions, said Lori Rolando, MD, director of the Occupational Health Clinic.

“We need to make sure that employees are regularly checking their email and understand if they get a notification from Occupational Health that they have potentially been exposed to COVID-19, they need to read and follow the instructions in a timely manner.”

The employee will then receive twice daily surveys via email that they will need to respond to as soon as they receive them. The initial survey will gather general information about the employee’s exposure to COVID-19 and inquire if they are symptomatic. Follow-up surveys will screen for symptoms.