COVID-19 infection control measures for employees

Effective March 11, 2020

Based on the evolution of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, more stringent infection control measures are now warranted for VUMC personnel. These measures are necessary and intended to slow the spread and lessen the intensity of the outbreak. This will help keep VUMC personnel well and optimize our effectiveness in caring for those who need medical services. Effective immediately, and until directed otherwise, the measures below will be in effect at VUMC and for all VUMC personnel:

  • Persons who are ill with recent onset of lower respiratory symptoms and cough, regardless of whether fever is present, should seek medical evaluation and avoid contact with others.
  • In-person meetings and gatherings should not occur unless:
    • No attendee has fever or lower respiratory symptoms/cough;
    • The purpose of the meeting is mission critical;
    • There is no satisfactory alternative (e.g., teleconference) to meeting in person;
    • It is limited to the smallest number of persons essential to the purpose; and
    • Rigorous infection control standards are enforced – hand washing, no physical contact, and social distancing within the physical space.
  • The above bullet should not be interpreted as preventing any aspect of necessary care of patients.
  • Medical and nursing students may continue activities in clinical areas so long as they are excluded from exposure to known or suspected cases of COVID-19.
  • Since large in-person gatherings will not occur, invited outside speakers must deliver their presentation remotely or be rescheduled after April 30.
  • Gatherings of non-VUMC individuals on campus or at local VUMC-sponsored venues (e.g., CME event or research symposium) should be canceled or rescheduled after April 30.
  • All VUMC-related business travel is prohibited, not including travel among VUMC business locations. Exceptions to this directive may only be granted by VUMC Executive Leadership. Personal travel should occur only after exercise of sound individual judgment.