COVID-19 Hospitalizations 7 days ending 10/11/21

VUMC Covid-19 Stats

The recent surge of COVID-19 in our region is lessening, which continues to be good news. We still have many very sick people in our hospitals, most of them unvaccinated. If you're not yet vaccinated, please talk to your doctor or find a vaccine near you at

These data reflect patients hospitalized over the 7-day period ending Oct. 9 on our Nashville campus, including our Children's Hospital; Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital, Vanderbilt Bedford Hospital and Vanderbilt Tullahoma-Harton Hospital. It includes patients with active COVID infection. It doesn't include patients who remain hospitalized because of lasting complications of their illness. The lighter blue bars reflect patients who are "partially vaccinated," meaning they are between 2 doses or have had 2 doses less than 14 days ago.

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