Change in Exemption Process and Implementation for all VUMC Employed Persons

Change in Exemption Process and Implementation for all VUMC Employed Persons

Effective immediately, there will be a change in the process required to be granted an exemption/accommodation from direct patient care duties which would put certain VUMC personnel at high risk for adverse outcome if infected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Going forward, a person granted an exemption/accommodation will have no direct patient contact or presence in direct patient care environments.  The person seeking exemption/accommodation must provide certification from the employee’s treating clinician of the existence of the reported risk factor(s) as part of the request for exemption.

Currently, any one or more of the conditions listed below may be the basis for requesting an exemption.

  • Age > 60
  • Persons taking certain medications which suppress the immune system
  • Persons with an underlying immune deficiency
  • Solid organ or hematopoietic cell transplant recipients
  • Patient receiving systemic chemotherapy, including oral therapy, in the last year
  • Persons with underlying lung disease requiring supplemental oxygen or hospitalization for respiratory disease in the past year
  • Persons who are pregnant
  • Persons with diabetes not under optimal control
  • Persons with cardiovascular disease including, but not limited to: 
    • Heart failure (Stage B, evidence of dysfunction)
    • History of heart attack (myocardial infarction)
    • Certain heart rhythm disturbances (ventricular arrhythmia)

To initiate a request for exemption, go to the exemption/accommodation web page located at  This process will include the need for your treating clinician to provide documentation of your health condition(s) by completing the COVID-19 Medical Exemption form provided.

It is expected that those granted an exemption will be re-assigned, to the extent possible, to duties which can be performed in non-patient care areas. Questions related to exemptions/accommodations may be submitted by email to


C. Wright Pinson, MD, MBA

David Raiford, MD

John Manning, PhD

Cecelia Moore, MHA, CPA