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Here is where you'll find updates as they happen about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and VUMC's preparations.

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Same Day COVID-19 Vaccinations Now Available for Patients

According to the Tennessee Department of Health, everyone ages 16 and older in Tennessee is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is continuing to operate mass vaccination sites on the main campus at Light Hall and at Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks. Patients can schedule a vaccine appointment through My Health at Vanderbilt, or if they are not yet vaccinated and have clinic visits in in MCE, TVC, DOT or OHO, they can get vaccinated on a walk-in basis. Here’s what you need to know:

Vanderbilt Health Offering COVID-19 Vaccine to Patients and Public

Tennesseans age 16 and older are now eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the Tennessee Department of Health. Everyone who is eligible is encouraged to get the vaccine, and to do so as soon as they have an opportunity that meets their needs and schedule. Anyone can schedule a vaccination appointment with Vanderbilt Health, even if they have not been a Vanderbilt patient before.

Masks Continue to be Required Throughout VUMC Campuses

While Metro Davidson County and surrounding counties have relaxed masking requirements, employees, patients and visitors to VUMC’s campuses should continue to mask. In addition to vaccination, masking remains one of the principal methods to control the spread of the virus causing COVID-19. Masking continues to be required for all areas where masks have been required, including breakrooms, parking garages and outdoor spaces such as the Medical Center Plaza.

Updated Screening Guidelines for Employee Entrances

The VUMC employee entrance screening process has moved to employees self-monitoring for COVID symptoms. Employee only entrances (Au Bon Pain, VCH, TVC2, OHO G, 2525, TVC1, MCE) are now  staffed by one screener to monitor the thermal camera and ensure stickers are available for employees. Employees will walk in, pick up a screening sticker off the table and, assuming no fever, proceed through the entrance.  

Hotel Stay Program Served VUMC Well During First Year of COVID-19

VUMC’s popular hotel stay program was launched in the spring of 2020 to offer Vanderbilt employees working with or near patients a temporary housing option near the Medical Center’s main campus. After nearly a year of serving the Vanderbilt community, the program ended on March 31, 2021, as all VUMC employees were offered the opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.

Hotel stay program will end on March 31

VUMC’s popular hotel stay program, which offered temporary housing options for employees who work with patients, will end March 31. The program was launched in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. It allowed employees who work with or near patients to take advantage of VUMC’s partnership with local hotels to provide temporary housing options near the main campus.  

What are the recommendations around wearing double masks?

On Feb. 10, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released the results of a study that examined aerosol spread between mannequin heads wearing masks. The study results further confirmed that wearing a well-fitting mask can significantly reduce (by about 95%) the risk of coronavirus exposure. The CDC also provided tips for having a well-fitting mask and noted that double-masking may be helpful to improve fit, but is not necessary for all.

VIDEO Message from Dr. Jeff Balser: Our Colleagues Are Strong But Need Our Support

Now 11 months into the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Jeff Balser, President and CEO of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, talks about the very important things we can all do to help others who we sense are under strain of COVID-19 and the hardships it brings. Your courage and commitment are visible, recognized and appreciated. 

Message from Dr. Pinson: Teamwork, dedication and compassion will see us through

Colleagues, Even though the wonderful progress of the COVID-19 vaccine has offered reassurance that control over the pandemic is somewhere on the horizon, we are in an uphill phase right now due to more than 2 months of steadily rising cases. Like many other hospitals across the nation, we are feeling stressed.  

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