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Here is where you'll find updates as they happen about the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and VUMC's preparations.

Note that these blog posts are published in real time to keep you informed as this situation evolves. The posts appear on this site in reverse chronological order and are dated. Information in newer posts are necessarily more current (unless a dated update note is included on an old post).  

Message from Dr. Wright Pinson: Steps We Are Taking to Keep Our Employees and Patients Safe as We Resume Care

Colleagues, We are at another important juncture of Nashville’s COVID-19 pandemic journey, having cared for hundreds of patients, learning a great deal more about how to manage the situation and experiencing how diligent hand hygiene and physical distancing can help prevent transmission of the virus. Tennessee is ranked as one of the top states for COVID testing and has been acknowledged as performing enough tests to be successful with public health surveillance initiatives necessary to help manage the pandemic.

What do I do if a patient refuses to wear their mask?

If you see someone not wearing a mask, remind him or her that masking is in place for everyone's protection. If they still refuse to wear a mask, reiterate that our current COVID-19 guidelines state that in order to enter and stay in the building, one must wear a mask. If you need additional support, please see guidelines.

The Good Job Report

It's Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. Head into this new season with pride of all the amazing things we're accomplishing together. Thank you for all you do to serve our patients, our community and each other. Good job, y'all.  

Five things to know about smell and taste loss in COVID-19

While fever, cough and shortness of breath have characterized the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its list of common symptoms in late April to include a new loss of smell or taste.

VUMC’s Research Enterprise Begins Research “Ramp-Up” to Safely Return to Activity

By Bill Snyder, News and Communications As Nashville cautiously begins to emerge from its two-month-long COVID-19 Safer at Home response, so too are the labs and facilities at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). Bolstered by more than $600 million a year in government, corporate and foundation support, the thousands of biomedical scientists who make up VUMC’s Research Enterprise are pushing forward the frontiers of new knowledge and treatments for everything from cancer, heart disease and diabetes to brain disorders and infectious diseases.

Patient survey reveals COVID-19 concerns and guides communication efforts

By Cynthia Floyd Manley, Strategic Marketing Fear of contracting COVID-19 from other patients is the most common concern Vanderbilt University Medical Center patients have about coming to hospitals and clinics now that stay-at-home orders have been lifted, a survey of more than 1,300 VUMC patients shows.

Introducing You Asked, We Answered

Our commitment to you during this time has been consistent communication. This is the first in a new series intended to get you the answers you're asking for in town halls, in emails and other channels. You keep asking -- we'll keep answering! 

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