Information for VUMC Vendors During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The safety of our patients, employees, and visitors to our facilities remains our top priority during this public health crisis.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center has adopted measures to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure for everyone. These steps include vaccination requirements for employees and vendors as well as required safety measures of employees, patients and visitors to our facilities.

Vendors who provide a range of services to VUMC, and whose staff are on our campuses or in our buildings from time to time, should be aware of the steps and how they may impact their operations. This includes a requirement for COVID-19 vaccination, with documentation if requested, and boosters.

Don’t come sick

None of your employees or representatives who have a fever or otherwise feel sick should come to a VUMC facility in the course of their work.

Anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 should not come to a VUMC facility until:

  • 10 days after the beginning of COVID-19 symptoms or a positive test,
  • They have been free of fever without fever-reducing medicine for 24 hours, AND
  • Their symptoms have improved.

Practice safety measures

We ask that your employees or representatives keep a distance of 6 feet or more in interactions with VUMC staff or others, whenever possible.

Wearing a medical/surgical mask while inside any VUMC building is required. There are no exceptions, regardless of vaccination status or the duration or nature of the visit.

Vaccination requirement

COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters are a safe and effective tool to protect yourself and others from serious illness and hospitalization.

Just as we require our employees to be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19, unless they have an approved exemption, we require vaccination and boosters for vendors who have any contact with patients and who have more than “nominal” face-to-face contact with our staff.

Based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), interactions longer than 15 minutes within a distance of 6 feet would be considered more the nominal contact. An example of nominal contact would be a delivery driver who interacts only briefly while getting a signature from a staff member. On the other hand, working side-by-side to load or unload material for 15 minutes or more would be considered "more than nominal."

The deadline to be fully compliant is Feb. 28, 2022.

Anyone over age 5 is eligible to be vaccinated. Individuals over age 12 are eligible to receive boosters:

  • 5 months after the second dose in your first vaccine series of Pfizer and Moderna
  • 2 months after initial J&J shot

Vaccination exemptions

VUMC currently relies on each vendor to screen its own employees and exercise its own good faith discretion in granting vaccination exemptions for medical or religious/spiritual reasons. At a minimum, exemption standards should comply with the standards set out in the Americans with Disabilities Act for medical accommodations and the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission for religious accommodations.

Other vaccination details

  • Vendors or their employees should be prepared to provide proof of vaccination or exemption if requested by VUMC.
  • VUMC reserves the right to require evidence of a periodic (potentially weekly) negative COVID test for vendor representatives who have received an exemption from the vaccination requirement.
  • Masking and distancing, where possible, are required for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.

Circumstances around COVID-19 continue to evolve. VUMC’s vaccination and other policies are subject to change.

If you participate in Vendormate, you can find current details there concerning the policy, requirements and exemption process there.

If you believe these requirements may interrupt your ability to serve VUMC under the terms of your contract, please talk to the VUMC sourcing officer or your primary VUMC relationship manager right away.