Virtual Meeting Tips

We are in a new age of working together. With more than 9,000 colleagues continuing to work remotely, our collaborative work efforts are looking quite different.

We have done an amazing job adjusting to our new virtual environments.  However, when our day is largely spent behind a computer and in the same seat, these virtual environments bring about a new set of challenges for how we care for ourselves and each other. 

With our continued focus on wellness, we offer these tips for managing your virtual world and taking care of yourself.  “These are great tips, and they require action from each of us. We can implement and manage them throughout our day and work week to improve our well-being.

“We also need to remember that we can help each other manage these. For example, in our group, scheduling meetings for 45-50 minutes, and honoring that time limit, was a real win for everyone.” notes Jim Kendall, LCSW, manager Work/Life Connections-Employee Assistance Program (EAP) .  

Remote work is here for the foreseeable future and it is important we use these tips to take care of ourselves and each other.