ICYMI: What's new on the site

With the more contagious delta variant spreading in our region, a resulting increase in hospitalizations, and announcement of 3rd doses for certain patients, it's been a busy week on the VUMC COVID website. 

Here's what's new (some of these behind VUMC ID/Password protection):

  • Common questions about 3rd doses of vaccine for those with weakened immune systems.
  • Recording of a town hall featuring our chief hospital epidemiologist, Tom Talbot. 
  • Guidance for return to work after COVID-19 exposure and infection.
  • A set of common questions about the recently announced requirement for VUMC employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approve exemption by Sept. 30, as a condition of employment.
  • Updates to how to help our teams during COVID (the community is asking how they can support our front-line health care workers during this challenging time).
  • We are continuously reviewing analytics and user feedback in order to improve this website. It is intended to be the source of truth to find COVID-related information from VUMC, whether found directly on this site or through links to other resources. 

We've recently redesigned the clinician/employee guidance page, which is where you'll find the latest documents and links to policies and clinical guidance. If you're a VUMC employee and haven't bookmarked this page yet, we'd encourage you to do so.

We've added a set of links at the top of the page to highlight the most recently added or the most popular content. Documents hosted on the site are found in a searchable table. (The sort/search works pretty well, but it is limited if you search for a keyword that isn't included in a document title). You'll also find newsfeeds for employee and latest news.

If you have trouble finding something, or you have suggestions for ways to make this site more useful to you as a VUMC employee, please email vumccoronavirus@vumc.org

Be sure to keep watching MyVUMC and this site for updates.