Additional information about new VUMC masking guidance & “Vaccinated” ID badge stickers

With decreasing COVID-19 infections and increasing vaccination rates, along with continued, updated CDC guidance, VUMC continues to evaluate and update safety practices.

All updates are aimed to balance the continued safety of VUMC workforce, patients and visitors while also appropriately relaxing safety practices that are no longer required.  

Recently, VUMC released new COVID-19 guidance and the announcement that the Occupational Health Clinic began distributing “vaccinated” ID badge stickers to VUMC workforce members.

This is additional information about both topics.

What is the vaccinated ID badge sticker and what does it allow the individual to do?

1) The voluntary vaccinated sticker program allows employees to be quickly identified as fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

2) In non-clinical settings (defined as areas or spaces where patients or visitors are not present) individuals can be in the area without a mask. Even with the vaccinated sticker, individuals need to wear a mask in all indoor clinical and public areas where patients and visitors may be present.

3) The sticker allows in-person meeting participants to see whether other individuals are vaccinated and can be in non-clinical meeting spaces without a mask or distancing.

4) The sticker allows employees to choose whether to wear eye protection when seeing patients who are not on COVID-19 precautions. All employees should continue to wear eye protection when working with blood and body fluids. Employees who are not fully vaccinated must continue to wear eye protection for all patient encounters.

Clarifications on current masking and COVID-19 guidance (issued on May 25, 2021)

1) Masking is still required in all indoor clinical and public spaces where patients or visitors are present, regardless of vaccination status or having a vaccine sticker. This includes elevators where patients and visitors are or may be present. However, social distancing is no longer required in elevators due to the short duration of time spent.

2) COVID-19 daily symptom and temperature screening has ceased, and daily screening stickers are no longer needed when entering VUMC facilities. Screening stations are still in place to monitor for masking, employee ID badges, and visitor compliance.

3) If you see someone without a mask in a VUMC indoor public space where patients and visitors are or may be present, kindly remind the individual of our policy to remain masked in areas where patients may be present. Individuals should respond in a Credo manner to this important reminder.

Additional information at this set of Commonly Asked Questions.