COVID-19 News for Employees

A collection of published posts about policy changes and other information to help you do your job at VUMC. Explore other links under the Clinician and Employee Guidance tab for additional resources.



Clinical guidance for SARs-CoV-2 infection

PRE-PROCEDURAL TESTING FOR SARS-CoV-2 INFECTION: Pre-procedural testing is required for patients undergoing general anesthesia, regional anesthesia (not a field block) as a primary anesthetic [as airway manipulation would be needed in the event of block failure] or other procedures as approved by the VUMC COVID-19 Command Center. Pre-procedural testing is specifically not required for the following:

Updated COVID-19 infection prevention guidelines for all VUMC workforce members

VUMC leaders continue to track key metrics such as transmission rates for COVID-19 in the community and county statistics for those who are vaccinated while keeping abreast of evolving practices for infection prevention and changing federal and state requirements for compliance with workplace safety standards.

VUMC relaxes COVID-19 infection prevention guidelines in non-clinical areas

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released new guidelines for measuring and categorizing COVID-19 risk in communities across the United States. These new guidelines take into account hospitalizations for COVID-19, new cases of COVID-19 and overall availability of hospital beds. Counties in Middle Tennessee are now classified as low or medium risk for COVID-19.

Meeting, Gathering COVID-19 Safety Practices Remain in Effect

Currently, we have not changed limitations on meetings and gatherings: everyone must stay masked, and there should be no eating during the meeting. We're closely tracking the following metrics of COVID-19 spread in the community, which the CDC uses to measure rate of transmission in a community:

COVID-19 Vaccinations Consolidated to 2 Central Locations

Effective Feb. 14, VUMC will consolidate locations where COVID-19 vaccines are available. This change will lessen the significant administrative burden of COVID-19 vaccine oversight required at each location while still providing easy COVID-19 vaccine availability at central VUMC locations. COVID-19 vaccination is available in many locations throughout our community as well.