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The PRIDE Toolkit is designed to be used interactively between a health professional and a patient with an added focus on shared goal setting and addressing the needs of Spanish-speaking patients. This toolkit includes a comprehensive set of 32 iterative education modules in English and Spanish to support diabetes self-management activities.

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Toolkit Instructions


If your patient needs help with:

Consider these handouts


General Information About Diabetes

What is Diabetes

Low Blood Sugar


Glucose Monitoring

Blood Sugar Checks

Blood Sugar Log Sheet - Simple

Blood Sugar Log Sheet – Advanced


Nutrition Information

Nutrition for Diabetes

Using your Plate to Control your Carbs

Counting your Carb grams

What Can I Eat for a Snack?

What Should I Eat When I Eat Out?


Oral Diabetes Medication

Diabetes Pills

Taking Your Medicines




Insulin and Byetta

Drawing  and Self-Injecting  Insulin (BD)

Mixing  Insulin for Self-Injecting (BD)

How To use an Insulin Pen

Set Dose Insulin

Insulin for Set Dose Plus Correction

Long Lasting Insulin Dose Chart

How To Take Byetta

Where to Give Your Insulin Shots 


Lifestyle Management and Behavior Change

Be Active

How Can Losing Weight Help Me?

Smoking and Diabetes

Why Should I be Careful About Drinking Alcohol?


Foot Care

Foot Care Do’s and Don’ts (BD)


Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Blood Pressure Control



Coping with Stress and Depression

Stress and Depression


Oral Health

Problems With Your Teeth and Mouth


Women’s Health

How Diabetes Can Affect Women


Men’s Health

How Diabetes Can Affect Men



These materials were designed to improve educational interactions between diabetes providers and their patients. These materials are intended only for use by qualified health professionals in conjunction with their patients. Professionals opting to use these materials take responsibility for any liability issues related to their use. Specific recommendations to patients by providers may vary from what is included in these materials.