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As you know, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) announced in September it is purchasing Tennova Healthcare-Shelbyville and Tennova Healthcare-Harton hospitals from subsidiaries of Community Health Systems, Inc.

To ensure a smooth process for the transfer of the hospital’s ownership, there are several steps each Tennova Healthcare-Shelbyville and Tennova Healthcare-Harton employee will need to take to be onboarded into the VUMC organization. 

This webpage provides you with a checklist of activities you will need to complete between now and November 30. In addition, you will have resources to help facilitate this process, including an onboarding timeline, the benefits overview guide and a link to the Onboarding Portal.

At the completion of this process, we look forward to welcoming you into the VUMC family.

Start Your VUMC Career

Receive email from VUMC to begin the background approval process.

Onboarding Steps

Employee Information

 Activate VUMC ID
 Review employee benefits (VUMC ID required)
 ID Badge Photo (VUMC ID required)

Immunization Status

 VUMC will work with your local occupational health official to upload your immunization records
 Visit Health and Wellness Portal (VUMC ID required)

Work Authorization

 I-9 Status Part 1
 I-9 Status Part 2


 Find your orientation date

Compliance Items

 Visit the Learning Exchange, complete training listed under "My Courses"
 Complete Conflict of Interest Disclosure
 Complete New Employee Information Form

Day 1 Item

 Complete Direct Deposit

Day 2 Item

 Complete W-4

 Complete Your VUMC Benefit Enrollment