Canvas V2

Introducing Canvas LMS

Canvas is similar to the Spark Learn/Moodle application, but is a more advanced Learning Management System (LMS) and is better supported. While we transition from our current platforms to Canvas, Spark Learn & QuizTime applications will still be available. This website will serve as a way to communicate the migration process and offer resources.

Migration Timeline 2021

  • January 1st - July 1st: Preliminary System Onboarding
  • July 1st - December 1st: New QuizTime Courses will be delivered through Canvas and training materials from other VUMC departments (early adopters) will be available as well.

Training Resources

Training resources are being provided to our early adopters and will include the following material/training. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Training Outline
  • Migration Preparation
  • Item Migration from your platform to Canvas LMS
  • Sub Accounts
  • Client Onboarding Experience

Training Timeline

Please check back with us regularly as more resources will be made available in the coming weeks. If you are ready to get started learning about Canvas now, you can explore support documentation.