Information included are recent changes, updates, or announcements occurring in the past year.

The FY21 VUMC Space Survey kicked off on March 22, 2021.  Here is a quick reference list to help you with completing your survey.

  1. Connect to the VPN -
  2. Login to the Space Survey system -
  3. Click on 'View Last Year's Department Survey Report' for a helpful reminder of how your space was recorded in last year's survey
  4. Reference the "EMPLOYEE" reports and the "STUDENT" reports  (email if there is additional information that would be helpful to have)
  5. Find floor plans in the Space Book at
  6. Access additional resources by clicking "Vanderbilt University Medical Center" in the Help & References section in the space survey system.

VUMC employee research participants receiving compensation will now be processed like other research participants in relation to withholding and tax reporting requirements. Instead of having taxes directly withheld from their paychecks, employees will now receive a 1099 form at the end of the tax year if the amount reported to the VUMC Card Disbursement Office reaches the $600 reporting threshold, as with other participants. As a result, it is no longer necessary to ask a research participant if they are a VUMC employee; no longer necessary to ask questions and add branching logic to surveys directing employees to provide their VUMC Employee ID number; and no longer necessary to report employee compensation amounts to payroll. Instead, employee compensation should be reported to the VUMC Card Disbursement Office, just as with non-employee research participants for a given study. 

If you currently have VUMC employee participants receiving compensation, please let them know of this change immediately. 

If you have any questions about this change or research participant compensation in general, please email

A page has been added for Uniform Guidance Audit reports.  The current Uniform Guidance Audit for FY19 is available here.

Effective November 1, NO checks or cash received should be mailed or delivered to Crystal Terrace. This includes deposits for restricted cost centers. ALL deposits of checks and cash received must be submitted to the Cashier’s Office, without exception.

In an effort to ensure accurate payment application, all deposits are required to be accompanied by a deposit receipt form. Physical copies of the form found here electronically will also be available at both Cashier’s Office locations.

Deposit Receipt Form

Questions about this change may be directed to:  Christopher Gallimore (5-7435) or Kelley Thurmon (3-6356)

A new form for corrections related to the graduate student billings is available at:

GBSP Center Corrections Form

Instructions for use:  The GBSP Correction Form is ONLY applicable to the graduate student billings disbursed each month.  If the correction does not require moving a charge to a 404 center, you only need to complete questions #1 - #4.  If the correction requires moving a charge to a 404 center, please complete ALL of the questions (#1 - #8).  You will notice questions #5 through #8 are identical to the questions listed on the Cost Transfer Memo.  You are not required to complete a separate Cost Transfer Memo in addition to this form.  This form serves as a correction change form and a cost transfer memo.  Please submit this form and the correcting journal entry via email to

VUMC Rate Agreement (dated 12/26/2018)

Vanderbilt University Medical Center Fringe Benefit Rates (Federal and Non-Federal)

VUMC Hospitals Rate Agreement (dated 12/26/2018)

For more information on the latest rate agreement, please visit the Office of Sponsored Programs information page at

VU Grants Kick-Off (May 26, 2016)

Overview session of the processes associated with VU Grants (Endowed Payouts) was held on May 26, 2016.  This general meeting provided the basic information for managing your VU Grant centers that have been created to capture endowment expenses after legal close. 

VU Endowment Distribution Utilization Guidelines (effective April 20, 2016)

NIH Salary Cap (January 10, 2016)

The Executive Level II salary increased to $185,100 effective January 10, 2016 for NIH purposes. This cap is used by NIH and other Federal Agencies such as ACF, AHRQ, AoA, ATDSDR, CDC, CMS, HRSA, HIS, NIS and SAMHSA.

Salary Cap Summary (FY1990 - Present)

Notice on Salary Limitation on Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Contracts

Employee Expense Reimbursement (January 1, 2015)

Starting Jan. 1, all employee reimbursements will be done through Concur. Any paper employee reimbursement requests received after Jan. 5 will be returned to the originating departments with instructions to resubmit through Concur. Please note that the university’s paper check request forms still will be used for payments to trial subjects and third parties.

Process Change Announcement (December 8, 2014)

Concur Online Training Portal

BudgetPro Information and Resources for FY2017

VUMC Academic Enterprise and VMG Budget

Information for the VUMC Academic Enterprise and VMG budget process and access to the files needed to complete your budget. 

BudgetPro Training Resources

FY16/17 Training Resources, including the checklist, and BudgetPro User Guide.

eProcurement Business Purpose Documentation Enhancement (March 31, 2015)

The Business Purpose Documentation field provides the requisition Creator a place to explain the business purpose of their requisition. This explanation is an essential component of expenditure documentation.

Enhancements Added to eProcurement Effective 3/31/2015

Fringe Benefit Rates 2015/2016

The fringe benefit rates through 2015/16 were negotiated with and approved by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of Cost Allocation.

Please refer to the Faculty and Staff Resources page for details about fringe benefits and eligibility requirements or contact Human Resource Services at (615) 322-8330.

Vanderbilt Fringe Rates 2015/16

Uniform Guidance (December 26, 2014)

The Office of Management and Budget "Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards" was released in the Federal Register on December 26, 2013 (2 CFR Chapter I, Chapter II, Part 200, et al.). The effective date is December 26th, 2014 for all federal awards or funding increments provided on or after this date and FY2016 for audit. Existing federal awards received prior to December 26, 2014 will continue to be governed by the terms and conditions under which they were awarded.

Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards

NIH Grants Policy Statement FY16 (October 1, 2015)

Summary of Significant Changes to NIH Grants Policy Statement

NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (December 26, 2014)

Significant Changes and Clarification to the PAPPG

Uniform Guidance at Vanderbilt

VU Subrecipient Monitoring Guidelines (effective as of December 26, 2014)