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Uniform Guidance (formerly A-133)

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Uniform Guidance at VUMC

OMB Circulars (A-21, A-110, A-133)

Academic and Research Enterprise Policies

Financial Administration of Research: Roles and Responsibilities

Best Practices for the Research Business Administrator

NIH Salary Cap Summary (FY 1990 - present)

NIH Salary Cap Guidelines (effective May 1, 2007)

VU Subrecipient Monitoring Guidelines (effective prior to December 26, 2014)

VU Subrecipient Monitoring Guidelines (effective as of December 26, 2014)

1275 - Budget Form

Charging of H-1B Visa Filing Fee to Sponsored Programs

Prior Approval Requirements and Expanded Authority Guidelines

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VUMC Shared Resources & Core Facilities 

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iLab Application

Guidelines for Research Shared Resources and Core Facilities (revised May 2016)

Cost Share - Online Training & Resources

Policy for Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects

Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects

Cost Transfer - Online Training & Resources

Cost Transfer Policy for Federally Sponsored Projects (effective 6/21/2018)

Cost Transfer Template

Direct Charge Guidelines - Online Training & Resources

Sponsored Research Direct Costs Policy

Introduction to Direct Charge Guidelines (Online Module)

Allowable Costs

Accounting for Unallowable Costs

Administrative and Clerical Costs

Administrative and Clerical Justification Form

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Effort Reporting and Certification - Online Training Resources

Effort Reporting Policy (revised March 2020)

Effort Reporting FAQs

Online Effort Reporting Training Instructions for Staff

Introduction to Effort (online module)

Kronos Non-Exempt Effort Reporting and ePAC Certification

Online Effort Reporting Training for SOM Faculty

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ePAC (electronic Personnel Action Change)

ePAC Resources Site

ePAC Frequently Asked Questions

Tip Sheet for ePAC Approvers and Executors

Tip Sheet for ePAC Effort Certification

ePAC HR Help Site

ePAC Update: Cost Share Funding Source Enhancement (April 2009)

Fringe Benefits

Understanding Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefit Rates (updated for FY23)

VUMC Hospitals Rate Agreement (dated 06/01/2022)

Indirect Costs

Indirect Costs

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Indirect Cost Recovery - Non Federal (updated October 2016)


NIH (National Institute of Health)

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NIH Grants Policy Statement


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NIH Salary Cap 2012 FAQs

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