Kim Lori Sandler, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences

My focus is in lung cancer screening, characterization of pulmonary nodules, coronary artery disease, and coronary artery anomalies. 

Dr. Sandler completed her fellowship training in Cardiopulmonary Radiology and joined the Vanderbilt Radiology faculty in 2015.  She is currently working with the Thoracic Program Leadership committee to promote the Lung Cancer Screening Program at Vanderbilt.  In addition to clinical work interpreting thoracic, cardiac, and vascular imaging, Dr. Sandler is currently engaged in research projects involving the utilization of coronary CTA in the Emergency Department and CT and cardiac catheterization evaluation of coronary artery anomalies, including coronary artery fistulas.  Thoracic imaging research interests include characterization of pulmonary nodules, particularly ground glass nodules, and the identification of imaging characteristics that can best predict malignancy.