Joe-Elie Salem, MD, PhD

Former Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Current Position: Associate professor at Sorbonne Université as executive assistant director of cardio-metabolism at the Clinical Investigation Center Paris Est, Paris, France

I obtained my medical degree, medical residency and cardiovascular medicine training at Rene Descartes (Paris V) and Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI) at University of Paris (Sorbonne), with additional diplomas in cardiovascular imaging (echocardiography, CT and MRI). During this time, I also completed a PhD thesis at Sorbonne University in clinical pharmacology focused on the efficacy, sources of variability, and occurrence of adverse effects of cardiovascular drugs.  I was particularly interested in cardiovascular pharmacology, heart failure and drug-induced arrhythmias. My previous research focus is on the development of new tools to predict deleterious drug effects on cardiac repolarization (i.e., drug-induced long QT syndrome). More recently, I was Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at the Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) at Hopitaux de Paris and Pierre and Marie Curie University (Sorbonne). This experience led me to conceive, participate and assist in the coordination of numerous translational research programs and clinical trials, mainly in the field of cardio-metabolism and pharmacology.  My training in cardio-oncology at Vanderbilt in hopes of later further taking his acquired skills to Sorbonne University. I was attracted to Vanderbilt because of the cutting edge medicine in cardio-oncology and precision medicine and was awarded grants from INSERM and AHA for the Vanderbilt fellowship