Jane F. Ferguson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

My research focuses on the genetics of cardiometabolic diseases, with a particular focus on functional genomics and clinical translation. I am particularly interested in the interactions between genetic and environmental factors in disease development, and in the use of evoked phenotypes as a tool for genomic discovery.


My lab is broadly focused on genomic and environmental determinants of complex disease, and in particular on the role of inflammation in disease development. My current research projects include: 1) Understanding the genomic determinants of febrile illness, and in particular, the effect of the 7p11.2 locus on sepsis, SIRS, and acute inflammatory illness; 2) Transcriptional responses of adipose tissue in disease, and the role of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in adipose inflammation; and 3) The human gut and oral microbiome, and the interaction between diet and the microbiome in cardiometabolic risk.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Human Genetics at Trinity College Dublin, and received my PhD in Nutrigenomics from University College Dublin, where my thesis work focused on gene-nutrient interactions in the Metabolic Syndrome. I received postdoctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania, where my research focused on translational genomics of cardiovascular disease. I joined the faculty at Vanderbilt in October 2014.

My publications: