Deepak K. Gupta, MD MSCI

Associate Professor of Medicine, Director VTRACC
Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

My clinical research program focuses on 1) mechanisms for the development of and outcomes in hypertension and related sequelae, particularly heart failure, 2) the natriuretic peptide system, and 3) determinants of racial differences in susceptibility to cardiovascular disease.

I am a non-invasive cardiologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine within the Division of Cardiovascular Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  I direct Vanderbilt Translational and Clinical Cardiovascular Research Center (VTRACC) and the Vanderbilt Heart Imaging Core Lab (V-HICL).  V-HICL provides a central resource for Vanderbilt researchers who utilize cardiovascular imaging in clinical research, by providing resources for study design and implementation. 

My clinical research program has the following major aims:  1)  to understand mechanisms for the development of and outcomes in hypertension and its related sequelae, including heart failure, 2)  to understand the natriuretic peptide system, 3) to understand cardiac structure and function in relation to cardiovascular risk factors and disease, and 4) to understand racial/ethnic differences in susceptibility to cardiometabolic risk and cardiovascular disease.  We study  cardiovascular disease through several approaches including Clinical Research Center based physiologic studies, epidemiologic cohorts, and clinical trials.

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