Brian R. Lindman, MD

Medical Director, Associate Professor of Medicine
Structural Heart and Valve Center

My research is focused on calcific aortic stenosis, including clinical and translation studies related to biomarker discovery, risk prediction, and elucidating pathophysiology to identify adjunctive interventions to improve patient-centered outcomes.

I am actively involved in our heart valve team, evaluating patients clinically and performing the transesophageal echocardiograms for transcatheter valve procedures.  My research is centered on calcific aortic stenosis, including several clinical and translational projects.  Our group uses various imaging techniques and a biobank of specimens to perform biomarker discovery and elucidate the pathobiology of aortic stenosis and the effects of pressure overload on the left ventricle and pulmonary vasculature.  We have a particular interest in how diabetes affects these processes and aim to identify novel targets for adjunctive medical therapy to improve clinical outcomes in patients with aortic stenosis.  Novel rehabilitation strategies targeting frailty are also an area of interest.  As a heart valve center, we seek to integrate a clinical and research mission in an innovative way that informs disease paradigms and influences management guidelines in valvular heart disease.