What is VPNPP?

What is the Vanderbilt Professional Nursing Practice Program (VPNPP)?

The Vanderbilt Professional Nursing Practice Program (VPNPP) is a performance-based career advancement program for nurses. It is supported by the Magnet Framework and a comprehensive performance evaluation system that recognizes and reward clinical nursing expertise in direct patient care. All direct care nurses participate in VPNPP at one of four levels. 

The Goals of VPNPP are to: 

  • Retain clinical nurses in direct patient care
  • Recognize and reward nursing performance in accordance with indicators of clinical expertise as well as contribution to the team, department, and the organization.
  • Foster an environment that promotes high quality patient care and contributes to positive patient outcomes. 
  • Establish nursing performance standards across the clinical enterprise.​

VPNPP exists to promote, support, recognize, and reward you as you grow within the role of the professional nurse as defined by internal and external practice standards, the context of the organization culture, and external environmental influences.