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  • All RNs and LPNs providing direct patient care who are in a full time or part-time (0.5 FTE or greater) positions except:

    • PRN nurses

    • Term professional nurses (a position expected for at least 6 months, but usually not more than a year. Usually created to fill a special need)

    • Contract nurses

    • Nurses on performance improvement plans (must demonstrate minimum of 6 months consistent performance after performance improvement plan ends)

    Nurses who work in the Float Pool are eligible to apply for advancement.

  • Feedback from staff and leaders suggested that the process should be streamlined and simplified. Nurses were asked to address questions based on the five pillars and for some, this was limiting and not reflective of his/her practice. There was no accountability to maintain practice at the newly acquired level once advancement was achieved.

  • In alignment with national trends, as an organization, we are moving towards a goal of 80% BSN-prepared nurses. Encouraging the nurse to complete a BSN will influence the nurse’s practice; help him/her to grow professionally; and impact patient outcomes.

  • A current RN 2 with an ADN or Diploma may advance to RN 3 if he/she meets all eligibility requirements and submits the required validation. Giving the nurse with an ADN or Diploma the choice to advance to RN 3 demonstrates the value the organization places on the contribution of the nurse. This path continues to encourage the nurse to earn a BSN.

    A current RN 3 with an ADN or Diploma may apply every other year to renew and maintain the RN 3 status. He/She may choose not to renew the RN 3 status and return to RN 2. The third option is to obtain a BSN and apply to advance to RN 4.

    A current RN 4 with an ADN or Diploma may apply for renewal every two years providing a certification is obtained or maintained. If not, the nurse will return to an RN 2 role.

  • National certification enables the nurse to demonstrate specialty expertise in the clinical setting and validate his/her knowledge to employers, patients and families. It also inspires the nurse to practice at the top of his/her license. Standards set forth by accrediting bodies can easily be transferred into practice. VUMC has a house wide goal to increase the number of specialty certified nurses. Certification preparation classes are offered for employees and reimbursement of costs is available to eligible staff.

  • If a nurse is not performing to level, the manager/CSL will discuss the situation with the nurse. The nurse can choose to move into an LPN 2 or RN 2 level (and lose RN 3 or 4 or LPN 3 or 4 salary) or commit to improving practice to achieved level consistently thereafter. The manager/CSL will meet with the nurse to develop an action plan that is completed within 90 days. At the end of this time frame, if the nurse is not performing at the desired level, the Manager, in consultation with the area Human Resources Business Partner, will determine the appropriate job level placement. This is not a change from what was in place before the program revisions.

  • The level 3 or 4 nurse who transfers may retain their achieved level and he/she has a 1-year period in which to demonstrate practice at the achieved level. Or, the nurse may choose to move into RN 2 or LPN 2 position with pay adjusted accordingly. The nurse should discuss this decision with the Manager/CSL. Once the nurse has been in the RN 2 or 3 or LPN 2 or 3 role for one year in the current work area, he/she may apply to advance to the next level.

  • RN 3 = $2.00/hour above base pay

    RN 4 = $4.00/hour above base pay

    The maximum pay increase for VPNPP advancement for RN's is $4.00/hour. For example, if you are an RN3 and you advance to RN4 you will receive an additional $2.00/hour above base pay.

    LPN 3 = $1.25/hour above base pay

    LPN 4 = $2.00/hour above base pay

    The maximum pay increase for VPNPP advancement for LPN's is $2.00/hour. For example, if you are an LPN3 and you advance to LPN4 you will receive an additional $0.75/hour above base pay.

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