Beteal Ashinne

U.S. Scholar, VECD 2015-16

Home Institution: Emory University and Duke University
Fellowship Site: Madras Diabetes Center, India
Research Topic: Diabetes

Ms. Ashinne will spend her fellowship year at Madras Diabetes Center in Chennai under the mentorship of Venkat Narayan, MD, MSc, MBA and V. Mohan, MD, PhD, MBBS, DSc. Her research will focus on assessing effects of vitamin D deficiency in patients with diabetic retinopathy in Chennai, India.

Ms. Ashinne is a third year MD/MPH candidate at Duke University School of Medicine and Emory University Rollins School of Public Health. As a native of Ethiopia, she became engaged in global health work to address the growing chronic disease burden and health disparities within low- and middle-income countries. Following her work experience at the Kaiser Family Foundation, she has been passionate about contributing to health system strengthening efforts and furthering medical research. Her clinical research interest focuses on non-communicable diseases and eye disorders, such as diabetic retinopathy. Ms. Ashinne holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Duke University and is a former scholar of the Summer Medical and Dental Educational Program and the Emory Global Health Institute Multidisciplinary Team Field program.

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